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specialty journal of agricultural sciences
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 1
The Effect of Dairy Farmers’ Technical Knowledge on Milk Bacterial Count
Raha Zareie*, GholamHosein Zamani, Ezatollah
Pages: 69-74


Given the available reports compiled by different Iranian researchers, the raw milk bacterial count absolutely poses a poor quality in Iran. Concering the current status and its hazards, this study addresses the useful guidelines towards improved and sanitary milk production by dairy farmers. The statistical population comprises of all industrial dairy farmers in Shiraz and Marvdasht districts who were delivering their milk to Fars Pegah Dairy Factory. The sample size was computed by Mourgan Table composed of 175 subjects (n=175). This study used a questionnaire for gathering the required information. Also, Fars Pegah Dairy processing factory experimental data were analyzed to detect statistical Total Bacterial Count (TBC) of every dairy farmers. The results of the study showed that the total bacterial counts of the samples do not reflect a desired limit, and instead, those dairy farmers participated educational programs could widely control total bacterial count of the milk even down to less than 25,000 CFU/ml. This depicts that there was negative and significant relationship between participating in educational programs and technical knowledge with total bacterial count of the milk. Also, dairy farmers who participated in educational programs could improved their technical knowledge. Finaly Based on the findings of this study, some suggestions are presented for reducing total milk bacterial count at dairy farms.

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specialty journal of agricultural sciences
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