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specialty journal of engineering and applied science
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 2
The effects of underwater explosion on the fixed base offshore platform at 10 metres distance
Nasser HassanKhani, Seyyed Shahab Emamzadeh
Pages: 11-18


Field and history observations show that platforms can be used in maritime disputes by military forces and navigation, then it may be possible the explosion around them. In order to achieve the goal a case sample from offshore platforms in the Persian Gulf region was studied under variety of explosive conditions. Thefore, the main object of the present study is simulation of fixed based offshore platforms bahaviour against underwater explosions and possible subsequent events. Invasion scenario was defined by putting naval mines containing TNT of mass 50 and 100 kg at a distance of 10 meters near to the platform. Waves uploading caused by underwater explosions was applied at a certain depth in accordance with the Hunter and Gyrlz's oscillating bubbles model. The effect of water inertia around the base of the platform has been considered by added mass method. Platform structure was modeled by finite element method in abaqus software. In summary it can be said that local destruction was more observed in the near field position.

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