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specialty journal of engineering and applied science
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 4
The Impact of Addition of Agar Gum and Propylene Glycol Mono-stearate Emulsifier on the Qualitative and Physicochemical Properties of Sponge Cake
Mahvash Anvarinejad, Afshin Javadi
Pages: 20-31


This study aimed to investigate the impact of guargum and propylene glycol mono-stearate (PGME) emulsifier on the physicochemical properties of sponge cake. Therefore, guar gum at levels of 0%, 0.3% and 0.5% and PGME emulsifier at 0% and 0.5% levels was added to the formulation. The treatments were examined in 3 replicates and the results obtained were analyzed by using one-way ANOVA and were compared using Duncan's multiple-range test at probability level (0.05>p). The results showed that the addition of guar and PGME led to increased cake specific volume. The results of the texture analysis of the samples indicated a lower hardness (firmness) in the sample containing gum agar (0.3%) and emulsifier (0%). The highest specific volume value of cake belonged to gum (0.5%) and emulsifier (0.5%). An increase in the level of gum agar and PGME emulsifier in the formulation of sponge cake resulted in an improvement in the amount of L component in the cake that can be attributed to the high water absorption capacity by gum and PGME emulsion. Based on the results, the highest sensory attributes score belonged to the sample containing 0.5% gum and 0.5% emulsifier. The addition of agar and PGME emulsifier improved water absorption, increased porosity and improved the texture in such a way that the measurement of texture properties of the cake by texture analyzer revealed that the addition of gum and emulsifiers will reduce the firmness of the cake over time.

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