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specialty journal of engineering and applied science
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 2
The principles of designing domicile based on Iranian gardens architecture (case study: domicile-garden design in Shiraz)
Zahra Adnani
Pages: 1-10


Travelling has long been an astonishing concern of the people from various lands. Some of the trips are taken for amusement and some others are carried out for pilgrimage purposes. Therefore, the need for temporary housing is a case which is of a great concern to the people visiting various cities. Thus, in this regard, thinking of providing accommodation which is best representative of the Iranian splendid culture can be very effective. The structure and the principles of designing Iranian garden with its special architecture which has always been of a great and lofty stance within the Iranian territory can be envisioned as an appropriate alternative for providing the travelers with stays. Since any sort of creation is in pursue of forming a new idea and accordingly takes place with a special purpose and such a thought requires recognition, in the present descriptive research we have dealt with designing a residential space in such gardens through taking advantage of Iranian gardens landscapist point of view in order for such a space to be, besides providing the travelers with mental and physical comfort, a representative of the Iranian culture and architecture.

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