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specialty journal of urban planning and development
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 2
The Process of Metropolitanization in Iran, the Creation and Intensification of Imbalances in the Urban System (Case Study of Kermanshah Province)
Forouzan Biranvand
Pages: 1-16


In most of the countries where the growth policy model was implemented as a development policy, including Iran, these cities were considered to be growth pillars due to the economic advantages of metropolitan and regional metropolises. The concentration of investment in industrial activities and services in these cities sent migratory flows from small towns and villages to them, causing their population to flood. The emergence of accelerated urbanization and urbanization, the "prime urban" or "great series" model of one of The consequences of the modernization theory and the growth polar strategy. This model strongly influenced the urban networking system of developing countries such as Iran, and removed the system from equilibrium. On the other hand, the metropolitan process in Iran,due to the  acceleration of urbanization, has not completed its stages as planned, and this is one of the reasons for the imbalance in the system of the urban system of the country. The province of Kermanshah is not the exception of the central city of Kermanshah, and its urban network is heavily imbalanced. The present study aimed to investigate the development of instability in the city's urban system during the metropolitan process. The method of this descriptive- analytic study and data collection is documentary. The statistical population includes the urban settlements of the province in the last 60 years. The results of this research indicate that the imbalance in the urban network of Kermanshah province and the tendency to polarize the population and facilities and services in the provincial capital.

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specialty journal of urban planning and development
Issue 2, Volume 4, 2019