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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 4
The Qarabagh Crisis and Its Consequences on the Foreign Policy of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan
Hamid Sarmadi, Morteza Noormohamadi Nazariian, Yaser Qarashi Habashi
Pages: 16-32


The present issue well known as the Qarabagh crisis was unbiasedly from 1988 to 1994, followed by military conflicts that in the long run prompted the occupation of 20 percent of the land of the Republic of Azerbaijan by Armenia. This occurrence was even more heightened and aggregated in the 1980s. Despite that in 1994, with the mediation of countries such as Iran, Russia, Turkey and the Minsk Group, cease-fire was approved by the two countries involved in, namely Azerbaijan and Armenia, and even the United Nations recognized the occupation of Qarabagh by Armenia and condemned this occupation. Still up to this date, no solution is offered. No need to elucidate the fact that the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has not been capable of resolving the territorial issues of the two countries along the lines of our national interests because it concludes to the divergence of Azerbaijan from Iran and also the solid presence and strong role of the opponent and opposing states like Israel and the United States in the internal equations and international relations of this country don’t permits Iran to determine or resolve aforementioned conflict. Regarding constructivism and taking into account the ideology perspective, back up for Qarabagh Muslims is additionally anticipated.

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