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international journal of business management
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 1
The Relationship between Future Stock Returns and Behavior of Institutional Investors
Mostafa Ghasemi, Isa Bakhtiari
Pages: 73-84


At Area Y Studies and management fund making recognition meanings and placeholders that fund the owners take at before nose behavior future price take stock help to give and editing strategy s fund - makingon basis it's, very lol importance is. the present research is applicable to the purpose of the research is. the realm time research, with at opinion catch information close to time do research and available to be information, one the period 5 year-old 2014- is 2010. sample statistical ready for method systematic removal 127 company take at on may the is. the results showed between fund long-term institution and ratio s liquidity has a significant relationship. among fund short-term institutional and proportional institutions s profitability has a meaningful relationship. among fund there is a meaningful relationship between institutional investors and liquidity. among fund institutional and relative ratios s leverage is a meaningful relationship. among fund the institutional and relative ratios s activity has a meaningful relationship. analysis expensive exchange you can can with attention to the relationship among fund the owners institutional and returns future take stock company the expectation have to be company -hi that at now increase this kind of ownership the you can to be fund the placing higher upcoming have

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