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specialty journal of urban planning and development
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 2
The study of walkability in the central core of Qaemshahr (with the ‎approach of measuring the quality of urban environment from the ‎point of form and body)
Fereshteh Hasannia, Nahid Abdolghaderiboukani, Nastaran Ehsan
Pages: 28-39


Cities had high walkability in the past and the walking was considered as the main pattern for ‎displacing people inside the bio-centers due to the low cost and easy availability to all segments ‎of society. After the industrial movement and the dominance of cars in cities, the pedestrian was ‎forgotten. As a consequence of air pollution, the policy to reduce the use of personal vehicles ‎and Fossil Fuels, with the approach of urban planning was formed in the last few decades to ‎revive the walkability in the cities. This research aims to measure the quality of urban ‎environment with walkability at the central core of city from the view point of the users in this ‎area. In this regard, the quality of sidewalks has been evaluated from the dimension of the form ‎and body index, which consists of 14 sub-indicators. This research has a combination of ‎documentary and field method in which the framework for the theoretical foundation of research ‎was extracted by studying the theoretical foundation of research at the qualitative section and ‎was used at the quantitative section. The questionnaire method was used for collecting data. ‎Moreover, due to uncertainty about the exact number of population, 384 samples were selected ‎based on Jersey & Morgan Table and were directly questioned by simple random method. SPSS ‎software and the Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Indicators were used to test hypotheses. ‎The results have shown that the qualitative level of form and body in the central core of this city ‎was low and it has been recognized undesirable by the respondents‎.

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specialty journal of urban planning and development
Issue 2, Volume 4, 2019