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specialty journal of agricultural sciences
Volume 1, 2015, Issue 2
Analysis of Correlation Coefficients, Stepwise Regression, and path analysis of Grain yield in Triticum aestivum Cultivars and Lines
Hajar Kadkhodaie, Ahmad Reza Golparvar
Pages: 18-22


ABSTRACT: Indirect selection in early generations through traits having heritability higher than yield as well as correlated significantly with seed yield is one of the most important breeding procedures. Production of new cultivars adaptable to different environments also has importance for wheat breeders. Cross among new cultivars and selection of superior genotypes among their progenies based on suitable traits is efficient breeding procedures. Therefore، in order to determination of the most yielding bread wheat genotypes، identification of the traits affective on seed and protein yield as well as parents of the best crosses an experiment was conducted 2011-2012. The randomized complete block design with three replications was used. Bread wheat genotypes comprised; Parsi and Sivand cultivars along with 18 lines entitled M-90-3 to M-90-20. Correlation، step-wise regression and path analysis designated that grain filling rate and no.spike/m2 are the efficient indirect selection criteria to increase seed yield. Increasingly، peduncle length، no. seed/spike and no. spikelet/spike were recommended to improve spike yield while peduncle diameter، days to flowering، days to maturity and plant height for photosynthetic reservoir.

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