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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 1
Assessing Permeability of Design in the Modulation of Thermal Comfort Using Bioclimatic Digital Indicators (Field Study of Larry’sHouse in Yazd City)
Mohammadreza Bemanian, Sahar Khodabakhshi, Mehrangiz Piriyaei
Pages: 83-94


Many specific environmental factors play important role in clarifying field of thermal comfort and thus environmental comfort. Among these factors, Designers pay attention to components that can becontrolled in field of design to improve comfort quality. Air temperature, humidity, radiation and wind speed are among indicators and environmental factors defining the boundaries of their comfort; the temperature and humidity factors cannot be raised except in special cases in design, but the radiation from the Sun and surface of Earth under name of “mean radiant temperature” (MRT) can be greatly influenced by design.Main goal of this study is to show effect of design solution on the control and modulation of comfort components. According to this research, field study is appropriate way to collect basic data and to test hypothesis. We conduct a research about Yazd in which habitation is not possible except in the light of intelligent design and utilization of natural resources and mitigation of region’s harsh climate. Due to the diversity of urban spaces in the process, we restrict our study to residential house. We select Larry’shistorical house situated in old texture of Yazd City. Result analysis is performed by simulation and data calculation through valid climate index based on energy balance of human body in the form of predicted mean vote (PMV), physiological equivalent temperature (PET) and standard effective temperature. Comparing the data with data of Yazd synoptic station shows how effective is spatial structure in the microclimate conditions. Results of this study are representative of successful design solution in modulation of climatic conditions in people’s accommodation during the hottest days of summer and the coldest days of winter in this region.

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