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specialty journal of biological sciences
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 3
Gold Nanoparticles, A Novel Application in Identification of Plants
Yaser Ghazi, Fatemeh Haddadi, Hossein Kamaladini
Pages: 6-17


In recent years, a great tendency toward using diagnostic tests which are based on DNA has expanded. Thus, DNA- recognition biosensors have been created which can facilitate DNA identification. These DNA- oriented identification systems work based on hybridization of a target DNA with its complementary probe that can be performed in solution or on a solid surface. In this study, Zabol mildew melons were used as the model plant. After identify a specific sequence was of the species Cucumis melo L. Using NCBI and BLAST sites using the probe designed for specific sequencing, Identification of plant was performed using a probe attached to gold nanoparticles to observe color variation of gold nanoparticles in presence of the target molecules. In addition, the hybridization of the probes with target molecules was evaluated at a wavelength of 400 to 700 nm, so that maximum change was observed in the wavelength range of 550 to 650 nm. The results of this study showed that using detectors attached to gold nanoparticles is a more specific and rapid way to detect than the biochemical and molecular techniques. It can also be achieved spending lower costs.

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