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international journal of business management
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 1
Identification and Prioritization of Factors Affecting Organizational Performance Evaluation Using Analytic Hierarchical Process and Balanced Scorecard
Fatemeh Moradi, Leila Andervazh, Mahnaz Rabiei
Pages: 45-55


The purpose of this research is to identify and prioritize factors affecting organizational performance evaluation using analytic hierarchical process and balanced scorecard in Social Security Organization of Khuzestan Province. The methodology used in this research in terms of purpose is applied-developmental and in terms of nature is descriptive-survey. The statistical population of this research includes the senior managers, master experts and managers of branches of Social Security Organization of Khuzestan Province. The size of population is equal to 15. The tools used in this research include an author-made questionnaire, Delphi technique and analytic hierarchical process (AHP). Data analysis is done using expert choice software. According to the results, financial perspective with a weight of 0.412 was the first priority and customer perspective, internal processes, and growth and learning with weights of 0.383, 0.126 and 0.079, respectively, were the next priorities. To obtain the final weight of each of the sub-indicators, the perspective weight should be multiplied by its indicator. This way, the final weights are obtained, which reducing cost from a financial perspective, customer satisfaction and creating a positive image in the customer's mind from the customer perspective have, in order, the highest importance and priority from perspective of the experts of this research. On the other hand, the use of technology, the cost of R&D, and organizational climate change have the least priority. The important point is that all of these three sub-indicators are considered from the learning perspective.

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