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specialty journal of engineering and applied science
Volume 1, 2016, Issue 3
Localization, needs assessment and optimization of the construction of petrol stations in Kerman province
Mostafa Mehdi poor
Pages: 9-15


Due to the costs of setting up the construction of fueling station as well as costs associated with indiscriminate use of gasoline which suffer gross domestic product (GDP) and the country’s capital, the necessity for need assessment of the construction of gasoline stations and correct localization of them is evident and obvious in order to reduce subsequent costs. Therefore, the aim of this study is the need assessment of the construction and localization of gasoline stations in the province of Kerman. The objectives of this study include: (1) Need assessment of new gas station in Kerman; (2) Evaluating the economic feasibility of gas station with respect to existing fees and related costs; and (3) Analyzing the status of gas stations in Kerman province from the customer perspective. This research is practical study in terms of the objective and it is descriptive in terms of nature. The population of this research includes all the fueling stations of Kerman province, which the number of it was around 214 stations, and all customers referred to gas stations and fueling stations in Kerman province that accurate statistics are not available. Due to the limited number of fueling stations, all of them were designated as sample and were studied through census methods. As well as, the judgment (deliberate) method was used to evaluate the status of the stations from customer’s perspective to determine the sample size; the sample size was 511 people who were randomly selected. The data collection methods in this thesis were the library and field methods. “Payback period” was used to analyze the economic feasibility of gas supply stations in the study and t-test with one sample was used to analyze the status of the station from customers’ perspective. Payback period was approximately estimated 22 years, which due to inflation and the time value of money can be stated that the construction of gas stations with current trends in Kerman province has no economic justification. The analysis results indicate that there is no need to build new station in Kerman province based on existing indices and the gas stations in Kerman province are in good condition.

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