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specialty journal of engineering and applied science
Volume 1, 2016, Issue 1
Optimal DGs Placement in the Distribution System for Loss Minimization Using HSA; Case Study in JIROFT
Mahdi Mozaffari Legha, Masoud Mobaraki
Pages: 56-65


This paper presents a chaotic harmony search algorithm (HSA) for optimal placement and sizing of DGs on distribution systems with an aim of reducing the power losses and improving voltage stability. The proposed approach determines the control variable settings such as placement and size of DG for minimization of real power loss with impact of voltage stability in the distribution system. Further, the impacts of DG on the distribution system are studied with an importance on power losses and capacity savings. The proposed approach is examined and tested on actual power network of Jiroft Province, Iran and the simulation results are presented and discussed.

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specialty journal of engineering and applied science
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