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specialty journal of engineering and applied science
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 4
Purification of Copper Metal in Series Cells and Ways to Increase Efficiency
Abolfazl Yazdi Meymandi
Pages: 1-8


Copper is the name of a periodic table element with the chemical symbol Cu.Copper is naturally occurring in pure copper, sulfide or oxide forms, most commonly found in sulfide minerals. In the present study examined the electric purification of copper. This method used series cells for the ‎purification of copper. Faraday's first law describes the major electrochemical reaction during the electrolysis process. Since pure copper does not have the capability to be used in various industries, it will be refined. Copper metal treatment is done in two ways thermal and electric, which electrical treatment after copper thermal .In addition, energy losses during reactions have been investigated and their most important sources have been addressed. The electrical potential required for the purification operation obtained by the Nernst Law is described. During the purification processes, the impurity values are divided into two types of electronegative and electropositive which are fully described. The electrolyte flow cycle, which involves the electrolyte purification process in both crystallization and electrical methods, is described. Finally, suggestions for reducing energy loss during the mentioned processes are presented. In this paper, we have tried to identify copper impurities in the electrolyte and provide effective methods for reducing these impurities in the produced copper

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