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specialty journal of knowledge management
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 4
The Future of Work; Opportunities and Challenges
Sepehri, Mohammad Reza, Ramezani, F, Tahereh‎
Pages: 1-14
Principal’s Mentoring as Correlates of Mathematics Teachers’ Job Performance in Senior ‎Secondary Schools in Adamawa State, Nigeria
Badamasi, Abubakar Barde
Pages: 15-20
Relationship between Supervisory Climate and Teachers’ Effectiveness in Senior Secondary ‎Schools in Yobe State, Nigeria
Garba Waziri El-jajah, Adamu Mohammed
Pages: 21-29
Utilisation and Maintenance of School Facilities as Correlate of Students’ Academic ‎Achievement in Senior Secondary Schools in Adamawa State, Nigeria
Abubakar Barde Badamasi‎, Adamu Mohammed
Pages: 30-36
Relationship between Entry Qualification and Students’ Academic Achievement in Gombe ‎State Tertiary Institutions. Nigeria‎
Adamu Mohammed, Anza Abel, Hananiya Philemon
Pages: 37-43
The Impact of Activity Based Learning on Students’ Motivation and Academic Achievement: A study among 12th Grade Science and Environment Students in A Public School in Oman
Ahmed Albadi, Solomon Arulraj David
Pages: 44-53

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specialty journal of knowledge management
Issue 1, Volume 5, 2020