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specialty journal of biological sciences
Volume 1, 2015, Issue 1
Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial studies on some metal(ii) complexes of 4-amino-6-hydroxy-2-mercaptopyrimidine.
Aderoju A. Osowole* and Reuben O. Yoade
Pages: 1-6
Synthesis, characterization and biopotency of some mixed ligand metal(ii) complexes of 4-amino-6-hydroxy-2-mercaptopyrimidine and 2,2’-bipyridine.
Aderoju A. Osowole*, Reuben O. Yoade
Pages: 7-12
Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial activities of some metal(II) complexes of 4-amino-2,6-dichloropyrimidine.
Aderoju A. Osowole, Tolulope I. Oni
Pages: 13-18
Detection and Observation of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungus (AMF) in the roots of Shea Tree Seedlings Vitelleria paradoxa in Nigeria
A.K. Nwawe S.O, Agele S.O, E.I. Eziashi
Pages: 19-23
Multidisciplinary Approach to Hip Fracture in Elderly Patients: A New Clinical Organizative Model
Carlo Rostagno1, Marco Mannucci, Alessandro Cartei, Gian Luca Polidori, Roberto Buzzi, Ferdinando Landi, Gian Franco Gensini
Pages: 24-29

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specialty journal of biological sciences
Issue 1, Volume 6, 2020