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specialty journal of language studies and literature
Volume 3, 2019, Issue 3
A Survey of Iranian School EFL Teachers’ Perceptions on Grammar Intervention
Hossein Siahpoosh, Masoumeh Khalkhali Rad, Sara Mousazadeh Alaf, Sahar Lotfiseen
Pages: 65-82


Considering the various problems faced by Iranian teachers in teaching English grammar to their students, this study aimed to investigate Iranian school EFL teachers’ perceptions of grammar intervention. So, the research method was based on a descriptive, quantitative and qualitative design and data collection was done via questionnaires, and interviews. Fourty EFL teachers were randomly chosen for this study. All of the teachers for the study were selected from Ardabil secondary schools as the participants. In order to take into account gender differences in dealing with teaching, both genders were used in this study. A questionnaire about teachers’ perceptions of grammar intervention was designed based on Schulz (2001). After that, the semi-structured interview was used in this study in order to elicit the contextual factors that hinder teachers from implementing their beliefs in the classrooms. Finally, the data gained from the questionnaires were analyzed by SPSS software. Findings revealed that Iranian EFL school teachers have statistically significant perceptions of grammar intervention. This study can be used by language teachers and syllabus designers of English grammar who work in Iran’ Ministry of Education‎‎‎.

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