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international journal of philosophy and social-psychological sciences
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 3
A Survey of the Quality of Life of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Sabah East Malaysia
Muhammad Iqbal
Pages: 34-40


Migration of Indonesian Migrant Workers (TKI) to Sabah Malaysia has been lasted for a long time, due to geographical and cultural proximity. The purpose of this study was to figure out the quality of life of Indonesian Workers in Sabah, Malaysia. This research was done by descriptive quantitative approach with a survey of the method. This study uses the measuring instrument that is made by the researcher in the form of a questionnaire survey of quality of life were adapted from the WHO and the theory made by the Malaysian government. Indicators of quality of life in this study was the quality of housing, quality of work, quality of social, psychological and quality of health care quality. A total of 71 respondents have been in the survey. The analysis method is descriptive analysis. The results showed that for the quality of the dwelling comprising bedroom comfort, the hygiene of the place of residence, quality of WC / Toilet, access transportation, relations with neighbors as well as the comfort of the average stay of each indicator, the respondents said enough. Likewise, the indicator of the quality of the work, which consists of adequate rest periods, safety, acceptance of local jobs, salary / wages are given, the opportunity leave, clarity of work tasks, the majorit of respondents also said enough. For social indicators of quality of life, which consists of an opportunity to organize, attend social activities, relationships with the local people, the opportunity to attend religious activities, the opportunity to follow the political activities (election) as well as freedom of expression / speech, the majority of respondents also answer enough. In terms of the quality of life of psychology, which consists of self-confidence, ability to cope with stress, optimistic about the future, the ability of positive thinking, the ability to adjust and control the emotions the average respondent answer enough. Besides, in terms of health care quality, which consists of exercise time, access to the clinic / hospital, hygiene sanitation and hygiene, the quality of the received medication, hygiene and nutrition, as well as recreation opportunities, on average the majority of respondents also answered quite enough.

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