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international journal of philosophy and social-psychological sciences
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 4
Adolescence and teenage pregnancy: A look from the social and public health problem in Venezuela
José Luis Corona Lisboa
Pages: 39-47


Adolescence is the stage most difficult from the human point biopsychosocial, due to changes morphophysiological organically and its relationship with teen pregnancy, which represents a priority social and health problem in Venezuela. The purpose of this communication was to analyze the situation of teenage pregnancy in the country, starting from the psychological, physiological and social changes related to sexuality, as well as causes and consequences of early pregnancy, using as research methodology comprehensive documentary. In conclusion, Teenage pregnancy in Venezuela, occurs as a result of a combination of social norms, traditions and economic constraints. Programs sex education should be mandatory throughout the school system, as well as counseling and permanent access to contraception and contribute to providing information and knowledge on the subject.

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international journal of philosophy and social-psychological sciences
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