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international journal of philosophy and social-psychological sciences
Volume 5, 2019, Issue 2
An Investigation about the Effectiveness of Core Self-Evaluation and Psychological Climate of Organization in Work Engagement among Teachers
Hosein Gholami, Yousef Dehghani, Mohammad Behrouzi
Pages: 42-50


The present study was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of core self-evaluation and psychological climate of organization in work engagement among teachers. The self- evaluation is one’s inference that he makes about himself. Today, these evaluations are based on an individual’s major beliefs, standards, and norms and determine the overall level of health, well-fare, and the individual’s value. The statistical sample was estimated at 100 people selected randomly. The research instruments were core self-evaluation scale of Judge et al. (2003) and the UTRECHT work engagement scale of Salanova and Schaufeli (2007). The reliability was calculated using Cronbach’s alpha; self-esteem is 0.84, self-efficacy is 0.75, locus of control is 0.75 and neuroticism is 0.70. The results of the simple correlation coefficient show that there is a significant and positive correlation between self-evaluation and teachers’ work engagement (r=0.34, p<0.01). Moreover, the results obtained from repeated measures regression analysis show that the correlation between predictor variables and employees’ work engagement for all specimens with the multiple correlation of R=0.441, is significant at P<0.001. This linear combination accounts for about 19% of the variance of the dependent variable. The results showed that there is a significant correlation between psychological climate, self-evaluation and work engagement. There is a significant relationship between the components of psychological climate and work engagement. The results showed that the components of the psychological climate can predict work engagement. The components of self-evaluation can predict work engagement, and among the variables, self-esteem and neuroticism components play the key role in the explanation of work engagement. 

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international journal of philosophy and social-psychological sciences
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