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specialty journal of engineering and applied science
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 2
An Investigation on the Thermodynamic Properties of Hot Nuclear Material in the Isentropic Condition
Parisa Changiz
Pages: 57-67


Investigating the nuclear material system as a many-body system is considered as an important issue in theoretical physics. In the finite nuclear material, the nucleus has a large area that its density becomes near to zero by getting distance from the center. Even for heavier nuclei, only a small fraction of the nucleons are in the center that it is assumed that there, the nucleonic density is constant. But, for many theoretical types of research, if we assume that the density is uniform all around the nucleus, the work will be easier. For this reason, the concept of infinite nuclear material as an ideal system of nucleons with the uniform density was formed which is similar to a heavy nucleus center. This kind of system is appropriate for the test of the nucleon-nucleon interaction. In addition, by having an infinite system, we are not obligated to calculate the complexities due to the mass center movement. Usually, we neglect the Coulomb interaction between the nucleons. Therefore, if we want to study the real nucleus, we have to analytically enter the properties related to the electromagnetic interactions into the problem. The neutron star is the closest sample to this kind of system.

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