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international journal of philosophy and social-psychological sciences
Volume 5, 2019, Issue 1
Comparing Mental Disorder, Sleep Disorder and Perceived Stress on ‎Intensive Care Unit Nurses to Other Nurses
Fahimeh Amoojavadi Langroudi, Negar Abdollahpour, Abdollah Jalali
Pages: 45-53


Although there is stress on all jobs, but in professions which deal with human ‎health, this is most important, so current study was done with the aim of ‎comparing mental symptoms, sleep disorder and perceived stress of intensive ‎care unit nurses with other nurses. Statistical society are the Vali Asr hospital ‎nurses. Sampling method was census to selecting intensive care unit nurses ‎statistical sample and other nurses, as from statistical society which were 175, 195 nurses stated the qualification of participating in research with regarding ‎entrance criterion and they were asked to answer research questionnaire. ‎Research method was cause – comparative method. For collecting information, ‎mental disorder symptoms questionnaire (SCL-90-R), Peterzburg sleep quality ‎questionnaire (PSQ1) and perceived stress questionnaire (PSS-14) were used. ‎for analyzing research data, descriptive and deductional statistic was used. In ‎descriptive statistic part using frequency indicators, percentage and graph, …. We described studied variable and in deductional statistic part with variance ‎analyze MONOVA and t- independent, we considered research hypothesis. All ‎data analyze was done with software SPSS – 18. Findings show that as ‎meaningful level (sig =0/000) is smaller than 0/05 error, so with the confidence ‎‎95%. We conclude that there is meaningful difference among mental symptoms, ‎sleep disorder and perceived stress on intensive care unit nurses to other nurses‎‎‎. 

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international journal of philosophy and social-psychological sciences
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