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specialty journal of engineering and applied science
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 1
Determining Member Deflection of a Four-Bar Linkage based on Concentrated Masses Method
Mohsen Vesal
Pages: 1-18


The present study examined a simple four-bar mechanism. Four-bar linkage is one of the most common and most useful mechanisms in engineering. The first member of such a mechanism is ground to which the second and the fourth members are hinged and pivot about it. These two members are called cranks. The third member, the linking bar, is connected to two cranks. The members considered herein for the proposed mechanism are flexible which makes them have deflections during rotation. Each of the three integrated members of the proposed mechanism have been divided to discrete masses and their deflections have been computed for a given time period (from the beginning to the end of the motion). The more the members’ divisions, the more realistic the answer to the problem will be. First of all, the mass point acceleration was calculated and then the motion equations of the members were obtained. Finally, the member deflection was computed using Euler-Bernoulli method.

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