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specialty journal of chemistry
Volume 1, 2016, Issue 1
Enhancement of dyeing Technology of Polyester fabric with disperse red 167 using ZnO Nano Powder
ELsisi A. A, Emam A. A., Gomaa S.H, Ahmed H.M
Pages: 6-18


The aim of the research was to investigate nano technique of polyester disperse dyeing without the presence of acid auxiliary agent which causes fabric damage. Dyeing of untreated and pre-treated polyester fabrics were carried out in the temperature range between 75 and 105ºC using Disperse Red 167 to compare the results. For each dyeing temperature, the exhaustion curves of the dye bath were determined and the better results of dyeing kinetics were obtained in case of pre-treated fabric. The corresponding dye adsorption rate constants according to, pseudo-second order, and intra-particle diffusion kinetic models were examined and calculated. Moreover, the diffusion coefficients and activation energies were also evaluated. The partition coefficient and standard affinity at various temperatures were determined for the Disperse Red 167 onto polyester fabric. The corresponding thermodynamic parameters, enthalpy and entropy changes, of conventional dyeing using untreated polyester and novel dyeing using pre-treated polyester-fabrics were also compared. The obtained results confirm the possibility of reducing temperature, using less dyestuff, and saving energy of conventional dyeing of polyester -fabrics with a disperse dye via fabric pre- treatment.

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