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specialty journal of language studies and literature
Volume 2, 2018, Issue 2
Investigating The Romantic Themes in The Mikha'il Na'ima’s Poem
Leila Jamshidi, Mahmoud Heidari, Ali Jahangiri Jameh Bozorgi
Pages: 1-10


Mikha'il Na'ima is one of the most well-known and capable poets of contemporary and migrant Arab literature. Principles and teachings of the school of romanticism dominate most of the poet's works; investigating the romantic themes in this poet’s poem can help us to understand the personality dimensions of Na'ima, both socially and literally. In this regard, by using the analytical-descriptive method, the purpose of current study is to investigate and discuss the most important romantic themes and components in the poetry of this contemporary poet; in other words, the present study is based on the analysis of the content of the poems and examines romantic features in the works of Mikha'il Na'ima. Love is one of the key romantic themes in Na'ima’s poetry. The poet considers the love as affection and immortality in line with lover; he also likes peace, freedom, nature, and homeland. Mikha'il Na'ima portrays these themes with a complete artistic power and in a mold of sadness and unfulfilled grief in his works.

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