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specialty journal of language studies and literature
Volume 2, 2018, Issue 1
Iran and Cultural Heritage in Mehdi Akhavan- E- Sales Poetry
Leila Behzadifar, Siavash Jafari
Pages: 1-8


In this study, Iran and its cultural heritage in Mehdi Akhavan sales poetries, have been investigated. Akhavan was a nationalist, loved Iran and its cultural heritage, specially, ancient culture of Iran; his poetry reflected vast of subjects and fields of Iranian culture, which was allusion of Iranian myths, like Iranian astrology and its beliefs; Iranian music, songs, and architecture. " Thee, O, ancient land, harmonium, dawn, end of shahnameh, man and the ink, tablet and the story of Sangestan", are his most elegant works, and you can see so many clues in his poetry like:" Iranian slangs and idiom, explanation of them and of ancient myths, Iranian religious beliefs, theosophy phrases and also, ancient architectural phrases “

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specialty journal of language studies and literature
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