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international journal of philosophy and social-psychological sciences
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 3
Karl Rahner’sThought and His Contribution to the Christian Theology and Philosophy in 20th Century
Dr. Muhammad Shahid Habib
Pages: 91-96


With the passage of time, the interaction of intellectuals of different faiths led to the study of one another’s religion. This resulted in bringing them closer and developing respect for one another. The modern times saw the emergence and strengthening of inter-faith dialogue which helped maintain peace and harmony in multi-religious societies. Theologians from all religions contributed a lot to these activities. The twentieth century produced one theologian whose philosophy and understanding of different Religions led him to become a focal point for contemporary scholars. This was Karl Rahner whose study and explanation of theological and philosophical beliefs raised him so high that the whole Church was influenced by his theology and philosophy. The objectives of the study are to explore different approaches of Karl Rahner in theology and philosophy in post-modern era. The study is descriptive in nature. And the critical and analytical methods have been done to meet the objectives of the study. The study is significant for the philosophers, religious scholars, researchers and theologians.

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international journal of philosophy and social-psychological sciences
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