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specialty journal of engineering and applied science
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 2
Optimization of Zayande Rood Dam Water by Using Stochastic Dynamic Programming
Mohammad Hossein Zaminpardaz, Ebrahim Sharifi Tashnizi
Pages: 48-56


One of the problems that threatens the earth planet is the problem of water shortage and circumstance of it's allocation. In the recent decades, according to increasing demand for drinking water, industry and agriculture as well as the reduction of groundwater resources, this problem has been intensified. This paper presents a new and fundamental method for the allocation of water in areas faced water shortages using stochastsic dynamic programming. In this study, demands, the amount of precipitation and input water to dam are considered probabilistic. We developed a dynamic programming based model with objective to determine the quantities that have to be allocated at each period in order to minimize the total cost. Finally, a numerical example is worked out to illustrate how the model is applied.

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specialty journal of engineering and applied science
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