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specialty journal of agricultural sciences
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 2
Quality Assessment of Cookies Produced from Composite Flour of Wheat, unripe Plantain and Moringa Leaf
Onyekwelu, C.N. and Ogbu, O.A.C
Pages: 1-7


The composite flour produced from blends of wheat, unripe plantain and moringa leaf were processed into cookies in the following ratios:100:0:0,50:45:5,35:55:10 and 45:50:5 respectively designated as W, WP45M, WP55M and WP50M. The chemical composition and sensory properties of cookies samples from the blends were determined. The cookies produced from the resultant blends were significantly (p<0.05) higher in protein (12.26%), ash (3.00%) and fibre (3.30%) than the control in protein (10.29%), ash (2.00%) and fibre (0.50%). Carbohydrate contents decreased with the addition of unripe plantain and moringa leaf. The cookies prepared using 35:55:10 blends had the higher vitamin A (6.90mg|100g) and vitamin C (7.89mg/100g) compared with the control. The sensory acceptability score showed the most accepted substitution level for making cookies was sample WP50M (45% wheat,50% unripe plantain and 5% moringa leaf). The study revealed importance of promoting the processing and utilization of lesser known local crops in baked product enrichment.

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