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specialty journal of language studies and literature
Volume 2, 2018, Issue 3
Surrealistic Duality and Inner-Voice in The Blind Owl by Sadegh Hedayat
Saman Hashemipour
Pages: 1-5


Stylistics and discourse analysis have common features in theory and application which intersect in some points; but within the critical theory, analysis proceeds from the level of description of the past to the level of psychological interpretation and sociological explanation. “The Blind Owl” is one of the most critical superficial, surrealistic, and psychological Persian novels. The third-person omniscient narrator of the novel, the Blind Owl, is describing his story and inner pain for his shadow. The shadow plays the most crucial role and acts as the twin of the Blind Owl that interacts with the narrator from the beginning up to the end of the story. All characters play the same role in the story, and eventually, the Blind Owl feels he already becomes a mixture of them. The dual binary conception is wide-range throughout the story, and the whole novel is based on pair duality. The most basic duality is the contrast between life and death, and also goodness and evilness.

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