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specialty journal of chemistry
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 3
Syntheses Benzymidazol Using Fe3O4@Cu-Ce-MCM-41 Catalyst
Farahnaz Salimi, Mohammad Abdolahi Ali Beig, Mohammad Reza Iranmanesh
Pages: 1-6


In this thesis, -Bnzymydazol derivatives have been synthesized from the reaction of various aldehides with orthophenyene diamine using catalytic amounts of Fe3O4@Cu-Ce-MCM-41 in ethanol under reflux condition Fe3O4@Cu-Ce-MCM-41 catalysts were synthesized with different molar ratios of Si/Ce and Si/Cu and characterized by SEM, XRD, FT-IR techniques.the catalyst with molar ration of Si/Ce=90 and Si/Cu=30 in ethanol unther reflux conditions was showed the best catalytic activity in above mentioned ractioned reation and the benzimidazoles were synthesized with high yilds. Reusability of both catalysts were considered in reactions and the results showed that the Fe3O4@Cu-Ce-MCM-41catalyst have raction reusalitity with no decrease in its activity also, the Fe3O4@Cu-Ce-MCM-41 catalyset after calcination has reusability with low decrease in this activity.

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