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specialty journal of language studies and literature
Volume 3, 2019, Issue 1
The Effect of Reading Strategies on Iranian Good and Poor Readers' Reading Comprehension Ability
M. Rahim Bohlooli Niri
Pages: 1-8


The purpose of the present study was to investigate the impact of reading strategies on successful and unsuccessful readers’ reading comprehension ability. For this purpose, 128 of EAP students participated in this study. First, a reading strategies questionnaire was given to the participants. Then Nelson Test was used in order to get homogenized groups of participants. They were also given a reading pretest, to get the participants’ level of reading ability. After that, participants were divided into two experimental and two control groups and then the treatment procedure began. Finally, all the groups sat for the reading posttest. The statistical analysis showed that the reading strategies instruction had impact on successful readers’ reading ability but not on unsuccessful readers’ reading ability.

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specialty journal of language studies and literature
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