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international journal of philosophy and social-psychological sciences
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 2
The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Sexual Education on the Quality of Life of Women in Yazd
Zahra Chaboki Nejad, Milad Amini Harandi
Pages: 43-49


Debate on the family and the ways for its strengthening are one of the most common discussions in the world's scientific community and satisfactory sexual intercourse among spouses is one of the most important factors in consolidating the stability of families. Therefore, this research was carried out with the aim to determine the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral sex education on women's life quality in Yazd emphasizing on the family and women who play a significant role in the community education. This was a semi-experimental research with pre-test, post-test design which was conducted on experimental and control groups. The statistical population of the study included all the women referring to the centers for the consolidation of the family foundation in Yazd during 2015-2016. They were placed to experimental group (n = 20) and control group (n = 20) in a simple random method. The measurement tool was Short Form Health Survey (SF-36). Intervention after pre-test was conducted over 6 two-hour sessions and in groups, and posttest was taken from both experimental and control groups after the stage of educational intervention. Data were analyzed using SPSS software and statistical analysis of covariance analysis. The results of the test showed that cognitive-behavioral sex education was effective on women's quality of life and, the scores of women's quality of life increased at the post-test stage. Therefore, the result can be used in preventing sexual problems, changing a positive attitude towards spouses' sexual intercourse and improving marital relationships in educational centers, family counseling, as well as the judiciary, education, and other organizations.

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international journal of philosophy and social-psychological sciences
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