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specialty journal of language studies and literature
Volume 1, 2017, Issue 2
The External Evaluation of New English Textbook "Vision1" For Tenth –Grade Students in Iranian High Schools from Teachers' Perspectives
Mansoureh Pouranshirvani
Pages: 11-21


The ability to evaluate teaching materials is very important. We thus examine criteria in two stages; an external evaluation that offers a brief overview of the materials from the outside (cover, introduction, table of contents), which is then followed by a closer and more detailed internal evaluation (Jo McDonough and Christopher Shaw). In this study, we examined external evaluation of English textbook at tenth grade in Iranian high schools called 'Vision1'. An evaluation form adapted from Dr. Montasser was chosen. The data were collected through questionnaires with 58 close-ended items consisting of six sections. Questionnaires were distributed among twenty-five English teachers (14 females, and 11 males) of Education -District –Tuesday high schools. They had different teaching experience between 4-30 years. They were chosen randomly from 72 high schools in Education -District –Tuesday Isfahan, Iran. Based on the finding of this study, the textbook needs to be adapted in some sections. The textbook writer can take into account finding of this study based on teachers' perspectives.

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