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international journal of philosophy and social-psychological sciences
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 4
The Hermeneutics and Interpretation of Holy Quran with an Emphasis on Al-Hashr Surah
Maryam Payami
Pages: 42-51


Quran is a mystery, the mystery of all mysteries, mystery wrapped in more mystery, mystery pervaded by mystery. It should demote its status as a holy book to become understandable for human beings. Quran is a blessing for everyone, source of all knowledge, fountain of all heavenly knowledge and truth, guidance to the righteous path, and the purifier of the soul. This source of heavenly knowledge, which is fay beyond the mundane existence, has demoted its status to words and signs, which are below the state of closeness to God, to become understandable. The manifestation of this book in words is a sign of God’s beneficence toward the human beings. Quran has come down to the human beings, i.e. this dark and prison-like world, wrapped in words and signs. A mystical interpretation of Quran involves a figurative language. Mysticism is the language of tropes and signs. In other words, the mystical interpretation of Quran means understanding the truth of Quran, i.e. the true meaning rather than words and signs. One should consider the figurative and metaphoric language of Quran in understanding its truth. This study has tried to discuss the mystical interpretation of Quran in relation to other forms of interpretation, e.g. thematic, philosophical, historical, and literary. It can be claimed that the most significant form of interpretation is the mystical. In this way, Quran becomes the fountain of knowledge for the seekers of truth and a guidance from the wandering on earth to the salvation in heaven.

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