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international journal of philosophy and social-psychological sciences
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 3
The Survey of the Proofs Presented by Sohrehvardi in Revoking Plato’s Theory of Transmigration
Muhammad Borzou’ee
Pages: 29-34


The correspondence studying in this lecture is attentive to two impressive view points in the area of connection of body and soul and prosecution and following of destiny of soul before and after annihilation of body. A view point believes in eternity of soul and emergence of that before creation of body and in contrast, there is a view point that while denying pre-eternity of non- corporeal dimension of human being, knows the soul as a being affair. Believers of the first view point, appraise the death as the annihilate of body that causes the entrance of soul in other bodies and in this way, soul is wandering in life and death from one body to another. But the second view point knows the returning of soul to material world after separation and freedom from body abstaining and challenging the preliminaries and categories of transmigration of souls. This lecture studies opinion of two prominent philosophers that each of them is the mental agent of one of the viewpoints. Plato believing in transmigration of souls is criticized in outlook and theory of sheikh Eshragh and this criticism is while sheikh Eshragh was severely attracted in plato in other mental areas but this interest did not hinder criticizing mental basics of plato by him.

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