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international journal of philosophy and social-psychological sciences
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 4
The Theory of Evolution and Ethics: Moral Non-Realism and its Conflicts with Religious Worldview
Haleh Abdullahi Rad
Pages: 30-41


The emergence of Darwin's Theory of Evolution not only influenced the scientific and biological debates, but also strongly affected the phenomena and concepts in the area of humanities. For instance, the evolutionists tried to provide biological explanations for the causes of human's ethical behaviors and their acceptance of specific moral systems in human societies. It's a common conviction among most evolutionists that the ethics have biological origins created by the process of natural selection. In this paper, first, a biological explanation for the emergence of moral behavior will be given and then, two of its prominent distinctions with religious worldview will be referred to. Then, we will discuss that the conflicts of the two approaches can be minimized by providing a consolidated theory that reckons moral realism in the realm of normative ethics can be united with the evolutionary explanations of ethics, of course, if the role of religious propositions in representation of truth of a moral imperative is highlighted.

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