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international journal of philosophy and social-psychological sciences
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 3
Theosophical Remembrance (Zikr) in the Passage of Time
Dr. Sonia Zare’e Bazghal’eh1, Soghra Zare’e Bazghal’eh2
Pages: 115-128


Undoubtedly, the wayfarer is required to observe rites in order to streamline the perfection path in practical theosophy. According to the fact that observing such rituals and rites have been verified and confirmed religiously, intellectually and empirically it is necessary to follow the rites in order to be able to reach the destination. but it is worth mentioning that such rituals have been extended or constrained and limited during the course of time, and in some of the cases they seem to have undergone changes and variations, in some others they have remained unchanged and in some of the other cases they have been omitted or they have been added with extra things. Remembrance is among the rituals which has been recommended both in the holy Quran and the Sunna and tradition of the Islam Great Apostle (may god bless him with the best of the regards) and in the theosophical books, as well. in the present study, meanwhile briefly introducing the importance of the wayfaring rites in the practical theosophy it has been tried to make use of the theosophical books contexts to define and classify the conditions and the rituals pertaining to the remembrance rites based on a temporal chronological order and then we will deal with the utterances and the deeds and conducts recorded from the theosophists and the mysticism masters and finally the article proposes a historical analysis spanning over a period from the first to sevenths hegira century.

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