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specialty journal of language studies and literature
Volume 3, 2019, Issue 2
Using Mobile Social Networking Application (MSNA) for Teaching Writing Section of IELTS to Iranian Undergraduate Students
Salman Sabzian, Yousef Bakhshizadeh, Amin Saed
Pages: 1-15


This study was administered to examine the impact of employing Mobile Social Networking Application (MSNA) as a teaching and learning tool on improving writing ability of Iranian IELTS candidates. The current research study also examined the students’ attitudes regarding learning in MSNA. Thirty-two undergraduate students at Chabahar Maritime University participated in this study. A TOEFL (PBT) general proficiency test was administered to all participants in order to ensure their level as an intermediate before starting the treatment. Then, they were randomly divided into two control and experimental groups. After that, a writing pre-test was conducted to all participants for the purpose to ensure both groups homogeneity and equality. After pre-test, the treatment was started. During the treatment, the MSNA was employed for improving experimental group’s writing ability, while the control group used traditional face to face approaches of teaching IELTS essay writing. After treatment, a writing post-test was conducted to all participants of both groups. The findings of the study showed that MSNA had a significant impact on improving the writing ability of intermediate IELTS candidates.

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