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international journal of philosophy and social-psychological sciences
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 5
Hallaj and Saying I Am the Truth
Maryam Payami
Pages: 28-36


In the present piece of writing, the researcher tries to study Hallaj in terms of his personality characteristics as well as his monotheistic attitudes and also makes the thirsty minds of monotheists and theosophists familiar with this figure who had unified with the one God, had reached to the rank of the unity of the souls and had come to the oneness of the intuition in its most perfect meaning and cried out “I am the right”. The current research paper deals with the following questions that “who was Hallaj?”, “how did he reach to the unity of the souls and the oneness of intuition?” and “why did he cry ‘I am the right’?” In providing answers to the aforementioned questions, it has to be stated that he had been so much drowned into the sea of cognizance and theosophy and his soul had reached to a state of unification with the divine soul that he saw the entire particles present in the world as manifestations of the One God; moreover, disregarding the idea that his speech sounded blasphemous from the perspective of the ordinary individuals, he, in his mysterious speeches which are known as Shathiyat (blasphemous talks), in a state of inebriation and drunkenness (evanescence in the God) cried “I am the right!” (I am the God). It is evident that the more these individuals who have reached to the God are recognized the more clarified would become the real scale of monotheism and the followers and wayfarers of the path of truth will better realize their leader and guide and then the streamlining from one’s own self to the God will be accomplished in a safer and sound manner.

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