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specialty journal of language studies and literature
Volume 1, 2017, Issue 1
The Internal Evaluation of New English Textbook "Vision.1" For Tenth – Grade Students in Iranian High Schools from Teachers' Perspectives
Mansoureh Pouranshirvani
Pages: 38-51


A textbook is an important tool in language teaching material that is an important resource for teachers in assisting students to learn every subject including English. In recent years, many issues have been considered such as; different models and approaches, classroom activities, and material evaluation, etc. This study tends to consider internal evaluation of the tenth grade’s textbook (Vision1) to see whether the book needs to be adapted (as it is the first time the book is administrated). An adapted questioner from Dr. Montasser Mohamed Abdel Wahab, (2013) was distributed among thirty Education-District- Tuesday English teachers in Isfahan, Iran. They were chosen randomly from 72 high schools. The data were collected through questionnaires with 82 close-ended items consisting of ten sections. The data were put in SPSS to compute the result. Findings indicated that the Iranian tenth grade English textbook needs to be adapted in some areas.

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