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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 5, 2019, Issue 2
Investigating the Effect of Openings in Steel Plate Shear Walls Reinforced Based on Method V
Saeid Jafarpour, Nader Abdoli
Pages: 1-8
The Effect of Out-of-Plane Displacement of Lateral Bracings on the Dynamic Performance of Steel Structures
Mahdi Mehrabi
Pages: 9-28
Analysis of the Split Width Ratio and Vortex Tube Deployment Angle Effect on Trap Efficiency and Flow Losses in Meandered Rivers
M.R.Rafiee, M. H. Mohebi, A. Moradi, R.Aghamajidi
Pages: 29-38
Designing City Theater with the Approach of the Representation of Dramatic and Native Arts in Tabriz
Safa AbdolManafpour Sa’edi
Pages: 39-48
The Effect of Marine Transgression and Regression on Land Use Changes through Multitemporal Remote Sensing Imageries
Pages: 49-71
Locate Suitable Users Based on the Service Level of the Transit Network at Peak Hours
Arezoo Momenian, Meysam Zekavat
Pages: 72-84
Identification and Prioritization of Risk in Civil Projects ‎Using Gray Systems Theory
Davod Darvishi Salokolaei, Armin Vali
Pages: 85-100

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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Issue 2, Volume 6, 2020