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specialty journal of electronic and computer sciences
Volume 5, 2019, Issue 3
Authentication and Encryption Mechanisms
Dina Daliri
Pages: 1-9
A Fast Wavelet Packet Transform Based Algorithm for Discrimination of Transformers Magnetizing Inrush Currents from Internal Faults
Zahra Babaei, Mohammad Moradi
Pages: 10-23
Energy Efficient Discontinuous Reception Strategy in LTE and Beyond Using an Adaptive Packet Queuing Technique
Bahram Rahmani
Pages: 24-42
Calibration of Microelectromechanical Accelerometer Used in Measurement While Drilling Tools
Mohammad Hasan Moradi, Mehdi Izadi
Pages: 43-53
Investigating the Smart Grid Reliability in the Presence of Distributed Generation Resources and Its Impact on the Profitability and Network Stability
Sanaz Ghanbari
Pages: 54-65
Software Defined Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey
Sahar Abdipoor
Pages: 66-74
An Efficient Method for Identifying Users across Various Digital Devices using the ‎Modified XGboost Algorithm ‎
Milad Ashrafi, Morteza Mohammadi Zanjireh
Pages: 75-85
Presenting a Method for Predicting Content Error in Cloud Computing Using the Nearest ‎Neighbor Method
Reza Imani
Pages: 86-93

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specialty journal of electronic and computer sciences
Issue 1, Volume 7, 2021