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specialty journal of chemistry
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 3
Corrosion Resistance of Low-Alloy Steel After Conducting ElectroSlag Remelting and Homogenization Process
Ehsan Entezari, Behzad Avishan, Hamid Mousalou, Sasan Yazdani
Pages: 7-13


Daily increase in development of steel industries has raised the demand for higher quality products. To meet this, researchers have exploited various processing methods, one of the most important of which is ElectroSlag Remelting (ESR). Corrosion resistance of steels are influenced by number of factors specially the presence of segregations and impurities. ESR improves physical and mechanical properties of steels due to suitable solidification conditions as well as reduction of void inclusions content. The aim of this work is to study the effect of ESR and homogenization on corrosion resistance of low-carbon steels. To reach this purpose, the prepared samples in this study are subjected to a polarization test. In order to eliminate the banding segregations that are resulted of hot-rolling process, a number of samples were subjected to homogenization heat treatment under 1200 °C for 4 h. It was observed that remelted steels in this study showed a better corrosion resistance behavior as a result of the appropriate solidification condition and the absence of inclusions.

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