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specialty journal of language studies and literature
Volume 3, 2019, Issue 4
Comparative Study of Indicative Mood Tenses in French and Persian
Masoumeh Toulabi
Pages: 1-10
Iranian EFL leaners’ needs: An Appraisal of English Teachers’ Perceptions and Attitudes
Hosein Siahpoosh, Arman Rashid Shomali
Pages: 11-17
The Effect of Formative Quizzes versus Summative Exams on Vocabulary ‎Knowledge of Intermediate Iranian EFL Learners
Hossein Siahpoosh, Shirin Ilkhani, Masoumeh Khalkhali Rad, Sahar Lotfi
Pages: 18-23
A Study of Nida’s (1964) Types of Equivalence in Three English Translations ‎of Letters 40 to 60 of Nahj-al-balagha‎
Samad Mirza Suzani, Vida MohammadAlizadeh Khoub
Pages: 34-43
Study on the Discourse Analysis in Teaching English Speaking Competence Through the ‎Use of Digital Games
Hossein Siahpoosh, Shirin Ilkhani
Pages: 44-52
English at the Workplace
Meggi Zhugli ‎
Pages: 53-62

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specialty journal of language studies and literature
Issue 2, Volume 4, 2020