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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 1, 2015, Issue 3
Examining the relationship between effective organizational factors and evaluation measurement of success in the light of the employers’ efficiency working at General Tax Administration (case study: West Azerbaijan Tax Administration)
Hassan Abasi, Dr. Mehran Molavi
Pages: 1-4
Examining the relationship between corporation governance and performance development of financial status in organizations (West Azerbaijan Telecommunication Company)
Morteza Asghari, Mehran Molavi
Pages: 5-9
A study of the impact of ownership structure and capital structure on financial performance of firms listed in Tehran stock Exchange.
Nazanin majd shokrlu, Azim Aslani
Pages: 10-16
Study of relation between communicational skills (speaking, listening, feedback) and educational progress in first grade students of high school
Sajjad Samadi Biarag, Laleh sheikh zadeh mogaddam
Pages: 17-22
Futures Studies at the Libraries: The Application of Semantic Technologies to Organize Information in a Digital Library Software
Simin Hajiahmadi, Yaghoub Norouzi
Pages: 23-29
The possibility of performing the balanced scorecard in the nutritional companies of the country
Mehrdad Ghanbari, Saeed Mirzaee, Bakhtiar Asadi
Pages: 30-37

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specialty journal of psychology and management
Issue 1, Volume 6, 2020