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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 1, 2015, Issue 4
Developing A Model to Determine the Optimum Production in Milk and Dairy Products Manufacturing Industry Emphasizing On Raw Materials Supply Chain (The Case of Mahabad Shevin Company)
Abdolgader Hassanzade, Kamal Khalilpor
Pages: 1-5
Assess the psychometric properties of depression, anxiety and stress-21 for high school students in Shiraz
Faranak Toosi, Doctor Changiz Rahimi
Pages: 6-11
Age-based cellular strategic planning to deal effectively with Chinese goods market (market of clothing)
Seyed Mohammad Sa`adat, seyyed Abolghasem Mira, Ali asghar Poor Ezzat
Pages: 12-20
Evaluation and Analysis of Executive Method in Accelerating Integrated Production Line and Its Effect on Developing Industrial Processes of Production Sectors (The Case of Urmia Industrial Zone Companies)
Babak Shohadai, Mehran Molavi
Pages: 21-25
Review and explanation of the ways to boost the stock market and attract investors
Shahram Vahedi, Mohamad Ali Sanei
Pages: 26-30
Assess and prioritize barriers And Factors Key Success a door Capital Investment, Industries and Mines State Semnan Using hierarchical approach
Shahram Vahedi, Mohamad Falah
Pages: 31-35
Investment ,Inflation and interest rates, interactions and contradictions
Shahram Vahedi, Hasan Gorzin
Pages: 36-42
Examining the Influence of Applying New Integrated Information Systems of Management on Improving Customs Output Port Clients (Case Study: West Azerbaijan Customs Office)
Keyhan Behnam, Mehran Molavi
Pages: 43-45
The Effect of Strategic Executive Thinking (Based On Lidka Jin Model) On the Performance of Service-Based Systems in International Roads (The Case of West Azerbaijan Terminals and Transportation Office)
Farshad Dadashi Ghoshji, Hassan Hassanzadeh
Pages: 46-49
Examining the Relationship between Adopting Transformational Management and Philosophical Mindset (Logical Thinking) Among the Managers of Urmia Public Administrations
Parivash Mohamadi Gheshlag, Aziz Mohamadi
Pages: 50-54
Examining the Effect of Process-Based, Group-Based Modeling on Development of a System Based on Knowledge Management for Systems of Higher Education(The Case of Urmia Elmofan Higher Education Center)
Hasan Hatamlo, Privash Mohamadi
Pages: 55-59
Comparing the emotional intelligence and driving behaviors between the safe and risky drivers of Marivan Township
Shahla Falahi, Mohammad Goudarzi
Pages: 60-69
Locating the Technical Examinations Center Using Genetic Algorithm Technique and Employing the Local Information (The Case of West Azerbaijan)
Vahdat Yosefzade Asl, Mehran Molavi
Pages: 70-78
Examining the Relationship between Managing Providing Chain Quality and Customers’ Satisfaction With Regard To the Productions (The Case of Urmia Second Phase Industrial Zone)
Amin Zahirifar, Mehran Molavi
Pages: 79-82
On The Correlation between Organizational Health and Job Performance in West Azerbaijan Standard Administration.
Faride Eslami Fard and Rasoul Ranjbarian
Pages: 83-86
Presentation and Analysis of Structural Conceptual Model for Economic and Social Impact Promotion of ICT: Case Study (Countries below the Level of Global Performance Network Readiness
Ali Reza Sayad Sarabestany
Pages: 87-95

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specialty journal of psychology and management
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