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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 3
Restoration (renovation&rehabilitation) of time-worn context to preserving the Islamic identity with an emphasis on sustainable development; Case study: Pamenar neighborhood
Ahmad karbasi 1, Mohammad Hossein Esmaeili 2
Pages: 1-12
The Emergence of Deconstruction, from Philosophy to Architecture
Manochehr Tamizi 1, Yones Beheshti Asl 2, Rrza BozorgNia 3, Diana Egbali 4
Pages: 13-20
Three-dimensional modeling of the permeability of the rock masses of Khersan 2 dam using geostatistical methods.
Mojtaba Rahimi Shahid*1, Mohammad Reza Moshrefy- far2, Nima Rahimi3
Pages: 21-42
Feasibility of mine waste in sugar production plants (hydrated lime) as a filler to increase resistance to rutting and improve the adverse effects of moisture and frost in hot asphalt mixtures
Mohammad Akbari, Ali Nayebi Far, Ebrahim Mirzaei
Pages: 43-49
The Role of Rural Managers in the Social, Economic, Physical evelopment of Village: A Case Study in Rezvan village
Fatemeh Abdollahi, Zahra Atash Sokhan, Majid Ghaheri
Pages: 50-56
Evaluation of sky view factor under the pretext of urban geometry and a variable in comfort
Mehrangiz Piriyaei, Sahar Khodabakhshi, Hamidreza Saremi
Pages: 57-66
The Hierarchy of City Spatial Organization in Terms of Establishment of Land Use Factors (Case study: District No. 2 of the Municipality of Hamadan)
Mostafa Zafarivahid, Esmaeil Shieh
Pages: 67-77
Seismic monitoring bridge decks with rotational friction dampers
Jabraeil Padar
Pages: 78-91
Using Trees in Perception of Urban Spaces Located in Historical Fabrics
Ali Sharghi, Yousef Jahanzamin, Shahrzad Jahanzamin
Pages: 92-103
An Exploration of the Effectiveness of learning Environment on Improving the Quality of Architecture’s Education
Faranak karimdokht Molume, Seyyed Bagher Hosseini, Reza Parvizi
Pages: 104-111

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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Issue 2, Volume 6, 2020