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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 3
Position of the Causality Relation in the Turkey with the Approach of Judicial Procedures of Iran, France, Germany, UK & US
Fakher Bavi, Seyed Yazd Allah Taherin Nesab
Pages: 1-8
Arbitration Award and its Annulment in UNCITRAL Model Law and Iran’s Law
Sareh Soury
Pages: 9-17
The Role of International Law in the Country's Cultural Development
Ebrahim Abdoli Amnadi
Pages: 18-22
Some Significant Differences of Hegel and Feuerbach’s Philosophy of Religion
Maryam Soltan Beyad, Taraneh Kaboli
Pages: 23-30
Suspension of Punishment with A Crime Prevention Approach in the UK Legal System
Amineh Fazli
Pages: 31-37
The New Middle Class and Political Developments in Iran
Mohammad Nezhad Iran
Pages: 38-43
The Revival of Dowry Tradition
Esmat Hashemi, Mohsen Esmaeili
Pages: 48-55

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specialty journal of politics and law
Issue 2, Volume 5, 2020